Marc Jacques Burton Raison D'Etre

The British label Marc Jacques Burton hand crafts some of the rarest pieces for the man living his dream. This man is leading his field, pushing boundaries and changing the world. He is unique, refined and rare. These values and qualities are reflected in each Marc Jacques Burton piece.

Marc is an artist and the designer of the British label Marc Jacques Burton. Marc’s art has been influenced by Punk rock, Basquiat and other dead icons. Marc feels that often fashion is too perfect, too commercialised and mass produced, hence why Marc prefers hand made and hand finished items that carry their unique quirks. Marc, valued the London Punk scene of the 70s. They had an opinion, a strong identity and they voiced it through their look. Their clothes were often artistically modified, which made them unique. Similar, to the 70s punk followers, Marc expresses his perspectives through the art he paints onto the clothes.

Marc’s designs have a deeper message, which is to live our dreams. We all have dreams but too many of us do not follow them. Marc wants us to ignore our inner doubts, the negative opinions of others and instead, live our dreams. Marc’s work continually voices this opinion.


The 27 Club

MJB will be a dropping an incredibly limited collection called The 27 Club. Inspired by the messages of key members of the 27 club, the reference to the unusual number of popular musicians that died at the age of 27. Founder and creative director Marc, has been particularly focused on Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morisson and Kurt Cobain.

Each limited piece is hand crafted and hand distressed in Italy and hand painted in London. No two are the same. All 27 club editions are made in extremely limited numbers. A one off limited collection. No restocks. Dropping imminently.

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